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Designed Motion Components (DMC) is an optical encoder design company that provides  custom optical encoder solutions for your motion control needs.

 DMC designs custom encoder modules that use diffraction encoder technology to produce high quality electrical signals. These sine and cosine waves can be interpolated to high resolutions using interpolation ASIC's, discrete component interpolator circuits or your interpolation circuit imbedded in your electronics.

 DMC diffraction encoders use a LED light source that is reflected off the top surface of a code disc or linear scale to produce diffractive interference that is picked up by photodetectors mounted on the same side of the scale as the light source allowing all the electronics to be packaged on the same PCB. These can be made as either a rotary or linear encoder modules.

 Custom designs may also be made using traditional optical encoder technology such as collimated light, shining thru an encoder disc to a reticle or interlaced photodetector array mounted to a PCB mounted on the opposite side as the LED. 

 DMC can provide fully enclosed encoders with a solid or hollow shaft and bearings to fit into your unique packaging situation to meet environmental or mechanical requirements or individual components to build into your design.

 Because DMC can design an optical diffractive encoder using discrete electrical components, we are able to source these devices at all levels to meet quality, reliability, radiation tolerant, high vacuum or temperature requirement.

 We also design with encoder modules we can use multiple read heads to achieve accuracy or redundancy requirements. These modules can be built into your design saving costs, space and achieve higher accuracy then an attached encoder.

 Designed Motion Components will either build the final product for you, supply the documentation parts list and instructions and training for you to build or out source the job to other manufacturers for you.

 Small quantity builds or prototypes to prove out your motion control system are our specialty in either commercial, military or Aerospace grade.

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