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Products and Services

DMC will provide a complete optical encoder to meet your specifications or a provide a design package or prototype for you to build.

 DMC has the experience to design and build optical encoder products or build prototype models for environmental, electrical, mechanical or functional testing. DMC can provide a qualification matrix to show what the process will be to meet written specifications and provide test data to show compliance to the specification. DMC can make custom glass masters files to produce custom discs or scales and create a PCB layout and Gerber files to produce our custom PCB's. DMC will work with your design team to integrate an encoder kit or module into your instrument or motor.

 Options for what can be provided to our customers:

  •  Build a Final product

  • Build a Prototype of a product


  • Provide a Documentation package including drawings and parts list for the customer to build a DMC encoder design


  • Provide Electrical setup and test instructions including equipment and training to optimize the encoder signal requirements


  • Perform Encoder testing per a Statement of Work


  • Perform Project Management and Engineering support at DMC or at a customers site for participating in a project requiring an encoder.


 DMC has a vast knowledge of existing encoder electrical components available through out the encoder industry such as interlaced photo arrays, photodetectors and LED's and cycle interpolator ASIC's and mechanical components including discs, reticles, and linear scales. These components can be used to put together a custom package, minimizing tooling costs and startup times. These include incremental and absolute optical and magnetic encoders.

 DMC can integrate optical encoder components into your existing mechanical design or new application.

 DMC will analyze your product or your customers final product specifications to help you determine the right resolution, accuracy, environmental and mechanical specifications to meet these requirements.

 We can also provide legacy product replacement of obsolete encoder products or recommend or modify other encoder manufacturer's product to meet your needs.

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